Non-stop ultracycling race around Czechia and Slovakia

The route is about 3.540 km long with an elevation gain of about 36.000 meters

In 2020 is only prologue of the race

The race follows the event Around the Czech Republic, which was organized in 2019 by Jirka Severa, the author of the idea and route of the race.

"I put together a route around the Czech Republic and a group of people. At that time we rode in stages for about 200 km a day and went around the Czech Republic in 9 days. We had a night's sleep and we had one accompanying car with stuff." 

As the idea began to grow and the ride in the group as a "trip" did not make sense, and the route took on very interesting parameters, Jirka decided to try to "move" it to a more professional level. He thus joined forces with the production agency Valachiarun.cz, which is, for example, behind the organization of the 1000miles Adventure race.

However, the plans for 2020 were slowed down by the Coronavir pandemic, so we were looking for some interesting way to "launch" the race. And so there was a connection with the leading Czech ultramarathoner Dan Polman, who will ride the route in racing mode, so that we have the best possible ascent for the first year.